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TERA, the free to play MMORPG from En Masse Entertainment, launched on Steam on May 5th. For those of you keeping score, that is just a paltry 16 days ago. In that short amount of time though, TERA has become the #1 most played MMORPG available on the digital distribution service.

According to Steam Charts, TERA boasts the highest number of maximum concurrent users when compared to any other MMORPG available on Steam. Since launcing on Steam, TERA has passed the 4.5 million accounts mark in North America and the 20 million accounts milestone worldwide.

“En Masse Entertainment would like to thank our loyal and enthusiastic TERA community,” said Patrick Sun, Producer of TERA. “Their support and feedback has helped TERA continue to kick ass. We’d also like to thank and welcome our new players to TERA’s growing Steam community. With a focus on precision, positioning, and timing, TERA continues to deliver a true action combat experience to MMO fans and is more accessible than ever following its successful Steam launch.”

This breaks down into some pretty impressive numbers like an average of 70,000 dungeons being cleared and 6 million Big-Ass monsters being slain each and every day! Check out the newly released infographic for more fun stats.

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Also part of the company capital operation method is more powerful. Taking Shanghai RAAS as an example, last year the company’s share price rose sharply by 252%, since the beginning of this year also rose by 33%, after the completion of the acquisition of buy fifa 15 ultimate team coins RAAS, company starting from June this year has been suspended for planning a major reorganization of assets new ps4 fifa 15 coins. Other such as Sheng Tun mining, in recent years the company has been in frequent additional acquisitions in the first half of this year, implementation of basic net profit of 13420000 yuan, the company launched a distribution plan 10 to 15 of the total share capital after the completion of the implementation, the company will be increased to 1497000000 buy fifa 15 ultimate team coins. In the three quarter, Sheng Tun mining’s share price has risen by about one times.

Agriculture is by far the most simple method in Diablo 3 gold

In Diablo 3 gold is each player wishes. The purchase of new equipment from the auction house you earn gold is to improve your strength of character of the simplest and most effective way. One billion gold can make a character of struggle, in hell mode can clear the hell mode MP10 superstar.
The simplest method of gold: Agriculture
Agriculture is by far the most simple method in Diablo 3 gold, but it is also the most effective. The reason is that it is so easy to do, this is the most players in the Diablo 3 ways to make money. If you do the same thing for other people, how can you expect to accumulate more wealth than the average player?
The answer of course is that unless you are faster than the general agricultural enemy players, you won’t get rich by breeding. The only way the farm is much faster than the average is more than the average person had better equipment. You need to gear the farm good effective, but if you do not have enough gold to start, you will not be able to provide good agricultural equipment. The end result is that new players brand through farming become rich, it is very difficult. I suggest that the gold covered in this guide behind the other methods.
If you want to go to the farm, you should ignore most players farm. A good choice is the mark of Leoric. The video below shows how to farm this unique ring: Leoric printing is a low level of the project of high level athletes to help improve their speed, to obtain the model experience. Because it is only a drop in the early activities, it is worth millions. Because the monster fall out is very weak, you don’t need to farm good equipment.